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Not only should investments in education bring measurable results, but the educational content should be recognised when and where it concerns your personal advantage and progress in your career. This is what motivates us in our efforts.

We have made it our task to adapt the international certificates and innovations to the valid general requirements of the individual countries and to implement these within the education system.

The InnoCert International GmbH pursues the goal of examining and offering national and international offers of external certificates and innovations, initially in the fields of economics, education and ecology. We thereby wish to give you confidence in our proposals, approved serviced and recognised products inside and outside the european region.

We work for you in the fields of

  • Schools and Education
  • Adult Education
  • Economics

The InnoCert portfolio contains new ideas and certificates which allow all learners to develop and display their skills and capabilities. The palette currently extends from the "Green Future Certificate (GFC)", the "Social Skills Certificate (SSC)", Typing, Fit4DCP and our new IT-Certificate "Digital Competence Pass® - DCP®".

InnoCert collaborates with national and international institutions in the fields of education and adult education, as well as, industry. The InnoCert portfolio includes both foreign products and their own developments.

Our Vision